June 29, 2006

On banning things...

Sometimes fark.com is just great. From a comment made today (Chicago is now trying to ban trans-fats):

"First they came for the foie gras.
and I did not speak out
because I did not care for foie gras.
Then they came for the Pork Rinds
and I did not speak out
because I was not really a big pork fan.
Then they came for the alcohol
and I did not speak out
because I was not much of a drinker.
Then they came for the coffee
and the great war began."

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June 09, 2006


My CEO's other company has a trailer out for their next project. It played before Cars when we got to see that film today..

I happened to find said trailer as it was shown in France a while back. My French is pretty rusty, but I couldn't help but love the line: "Je ne veux pas manger la poubelle, papa."

The trailer in French is here. You'll need to know at least enough French to navigate the web site, or click on "Grand" next to the QuickTime logo.

Posted by dowdy at 03:19 PM

June 07, 2006

Beer for everyone!

Babies are very curious about adult beverages.

I don't know why I find that picture so funny. But at least they have the good sense to offer their child an appropriate quality beer. Looks like Anchor Steam to me.

And, no, before sending me hate mail, I do not approve of actually serving beer to children. Just teasing them with it.

Posted by dowdy at 03:48 PM