March 24, 2004

3, oh, 3 is a magic number

I've been messing about with various ways of cooking tri-tip. I've normally done it in a fairly basic offset cooking method -- sort of half smoked and half grilled. But I've heard some people talk about cutting steaks from the tri-tip and grilling it more like a flank steak.

Tonight, I messed about with that. I'm not sure I'm all that thrilled with the result just yet. I think I didn't have the fire high enough, and need to go for more of a medium rare instead of the (quite) rare that I normally cook my steaks to. I think lesser cuts of meat need a bit more heat to help break down the fibers.

In other 3-sided cooking news, made up a batch of chocolate scones. Cut them into traditional (triangular) wedges, but this time used cocoa powder rather than melted chocolate as I normally do. Overall, still turned out an excellent weeknight desert. I wish that I had picked up some strawberries -- which is my favorite way to serve these.

"Every triangle has three corners, every triangle has three sides, no more no less, I must confess that three is a magic number."

Posted by dowdy at March 24, 2004 08:01 PM