October 06, 2003

Recipe Development - part 2

Well, I found the correct spelling, which is "Gulab Jamun" (boy it sure is hard to search for words with Google if you don't know how to tell them!)...and a pot of recipes as a result. This basic one seems to be representative.

Almost all of the online recipes mention that a high proportion of the dough should be dry milk powder, and that it is easier to make if you use more flour -- but that the result isn't as good. All recipes also seem to specify a low temperature fry that takes 15 minutes in order to cook the insides, but all fail to mention a temperature other than "medium low."

I figure that some or all of the flour can be swapped out with cocoa powder. Usually one can turn a recipe into a chocolate one by using about 1/4 cocoa powder in place of the flour.

Posted by dowdy at October 6, 2003 08:44 AM