October 05, 2003

Recipe Development - part 1

As summer turns to fall, I find myself starting to think of ideas for my December party. I always like to have at least a few dishes that are unexpected or (as a sushi menu would say) are "challanging." I'll try to document the development of one that I hope ends up on the final menu.

Carol made a request for a dessert that combined chocolate and rosemary -- the later being her favorite herb with a loving love. Rosemary is a good herb to try to meld into sweet things, and a dark-heavy chocolate is close to a savory flavor, so this is actually a good combination to try to do something more "wacky" for the guests.

My initial thought is for a "galoob jamon" (I don't even know yet how to spell it), which is a traditional Indian fritter which is soaked in a sugar syrup. My theory is to try to make a cocoa flavored fritter and then use a rosemary syrup to soak it in. Initial web searches show that "gloob jamon" are pretty basic, so I should be able to modify them to have a chocolate component.

Posted by dowdy at October 5, 2003 06:37 PM