September 26, 2005

Building a Mystery

Empty Pot
That's quite a pot, sir

First, get your largest pot. This is a massive one intended for deep frying turkeys. I've never done that (yet) but it also works great for clam bakes or crab boils.

You'll be layering the ingredients.

Polish Sausage

I added about 1/4 C of white wine and a bit of water. This was just to make sure we had enough steam.

Clams in cheesecloth

The cheesecloth makes it easier to take the clams out. Technically these were New Zealand Cockles and not clams. We've had quite a bit of red-tide in the states recently.

New potatoes

anne claims that these are just "filler." But they did turn out good.

White Corn

Not the best time of year for corn. Leave the husks on so that the "lobster foam" that will come out won't be directly on the corn.

Four Lobsters

We could only fit four of the lobsters in.

Cooking Pot
Try not to burn down the house

Cover and cook over medium heat (such that steam is coming out) until lobsters are done. For these 4 pounders, that ment about 30 minutes. I yank on the small legs to see if the lobsters are done, when they are loose, it's time for eatin'!

Posted by dowdy at September 26, 2005 08:06 AM