November 01, 2003

Recipe Development - Part 3

I did a batch of Gulub Jamun today as a test. It appears that the correct fry temperature is quite low -- about 300-325 in order to keep them cooking for 5 minutes without burning.

I also tested adding cocoa to the mix, and it appears that an addition of an equal amount of cocoa to flour is about right. The mix didn't get too dry as a result and had a nice chocolate taste. I'm also pretty impressed with the recipe as a whole. It seems quite easy and forgiving. I've been taste-testing them without the sugar syrup, but will add that in next weekend.

William and I discussed this desert and we sort of thought about doing a second dish to parallel the Gulub Jamun. My thought is a Rosemary flavored cream puff stuffed with a very rich dark chocolate mousse. I'm thinking of calling it "Rosemary-Chocolate Fraternals" because they are twins in ingredients and shape, but not really in production.

So far, looks pretty interesting.

Posted by dowdy at November 1, 2003 02:35 PM