September 04, 2003

Strange orders

I've order some sausage making supplies, and the invoices sure look odd.

- Natural Sheep Casings - home pack
- Natural Hog Casings - home pack
- Fibrous Casings - 1 ea. 2.5x20 - Mahogany
- 16 oz Gelatin, Un-Flavored
- 16 oz Citric Acid, Crystals
- 32 oz Fermento
- 32 oz Dextrose

I'm getting ready to make some more cured sausages. I've only done it once, which was a 5 pound summer sausage that turned out quite well. It's pretty involved time-wise because you have to smoke the sausages at a fairly low and constant temperature. I told myself that next time I'd make more than one of them given the effort.

I can recommend Allied Kenco and The Ingredient Store if you are looking for online sources of sausage making or curing ingredients.

Posted by dowdy at September 4, 2003 09:49 AM