May 15, 2003

Five Ways to Sunday

I had the kids and Carol over last night for some weeknight BBQ. Since a six to eight hour smoke was out of the question, I used baby-back ribs. I've been working on a recipe for them that I'm calling "Five Ways to Sunday Ribs." Thus:

1) brined the ribs in a salt and Tapatio (a Mexican brand hot sauce) mixture
2) rubbed the ribs with a basic rub that contains a fair amount of ancho chilli powder in it
3) Smoked the ribs using Tabasco barrel chips
4) Glazed at the end with a Honey Habenero finishing sauce
5) Served with a Jalapeno-Cillantro-Lime sauce at the table

A salad, some sourdough bread, and corn on the cob completed the meal. The ribs were spicy, but not overly so -- I think I've got the recipe just about where I want it to be.

The kids demolished a rack and a half between them, so that's a good sign!

Posted by dowdy at May 15, 2003 09:10 AM