March 14, 2003

Everything on a Bun

Work has been completely kicking my butt recently. So the cooking front has been, well, face it. Pathetic. My only other excuse is this 24 pack of discount hamburger buns that I got at Smart & Final last weekend.

So this week it's been everything you could possibly imagine on a bun. Hamburger. Chicken. Turkey. Sausages. Homemade Mayo. Mustard. Cheese sauce. Egg Salad. BBQed Brisket. They've all turned out really nice and were quick to prepare. But I just can't handle even trying to write them up -- and the horror of someone needing to read it.

This weekend I'm thinking I may make a Cassoulet. I'm in need of some long slow cooked comfort food, that's for sure. I've also got some more sausages that need using up, along with some lamb. Oh, and did I mention the 10 pounds of beans that I broke down and bought at the Smart & Final?

Posted by dowdy at March 14, 2003 09:17 AM