December 21, 2002

French Onion Soup

After a very tiring morning of holiday shopping (you can't call it a day when you get it all done before 1 PM) we needed something comfortable. I sent Carol out for beer and bread and attacked the kitchen myself.

A load of fresh onions was in the pantry, and there was still plenty of oxtail stock left (before long, expect an entry "Oxtail Stock" as I replenish the supply). Sweated down the thin-sliced onions for 45 minutes, and then added white wine, about a quart and a half of the stock, salt, pepper, and thyme. Let it all cook down for another hour. When it was properly thick and very dark, it still needed some sour, so I tossed in some brandy and a dash of red wine vinegar and let them cook out for another 15 minutes.

Thin sliced the toast, broiled it in the oven with some butter and Parmigiano Reggiano on top, and served it up in huge bowls. I had two helpings. I was beat, but Carol stayed up watching Chasing Amy. I managed to catch the first part of it -- "What's a nubian?"

Posted by dowdy at December 21, 2002 10:02 PM