December 16, 2002

Fried Chicken

With additional leftover chicken thighs, what better to do than fried chicken. Actually, I enjoy a whole chicken fried better. My personal two favorite parts are the top half of the breast with the wing drummette still attached, and the thigh. With just all thighs, I would have done BBQ or some sort of grilled treatment, but the weather here is still too windy and rainy to deal with that.

No buttermilk in the house, so a combination of regular milk and Tabasco, along with sage and salt to form a brine. 45 minutes in the brine, and then drained. Dredged in flour, seasoned with some of my standard BBQ rub. Held on a rack for 5 minutes, dredged again, and then fried about 12 minutes per side.

With the scrappings from the pan and some of the extra flour I made a milk gravy. But, since I've still got lots of cream, I used cream instead of milk. Guess that would be cream gravy then. Mashed potatoes, and we're good to go!

Posted by dowdy at December 16, 2002 07:02 PM