December 13, 2002

Blancquette de Veau

I'd like to call this entry "Weeknight" because I did it on a whim, but with a name like Blancquette de Veau I think it's just got to be French.

Inspired by the Julie/Julia Project (see Links) I just had to cook something from Mastering the Art of French Cooking. That, along with the fact that I had a bunch of leftover stewing veal, eggs, a whole pile of Plugra butter, and more heavy cream than I know what to do with.

And so it is that I'm drinking a Chardonnay, watching pointless bomb dropping on the Discovery: Wings channel, and waiting for veal stew to be tender. After that, it's a quick veloute sauce, and the final addition of eggs and cream to thicken it. Carol is missing this one, but it'll give me a chance to attempt to re-heat it for her. I'm curious if the sauce will curdle or not. I'm thinking that perhaps the starch in the sauce might allow it to work, much in the same way as pastry cream.

It turned out great, and I served it over Cous Cous along with some parsley sliced into ribbons. I made the sauce with a good deal of lemon, but could still taste the veal. The stock as the veal was cooking came out crystal clear -- I used a two minute blanch that Julia recommends, and it worked a treat.

Posted by dowdy at December 13, 2002 05:16 PM